For interior design, curtains play the function for defense of personal privacy, using light, decoration of walls, noise-isolation. According to the seriousness of its results, there are several programs in the option of drapes. Simply put, the option of drapes is a crucial project. Whether the owners, or interior designer should be extremely value… Read More

Time flies when one is dining with Claire Cook, author of 10 books, including her newest release, "Time Flies." I met Claire and her spouse, Jake, at a preferred restaurant near her home in Atlanta.High technology is another part of Austin's history. Starting with the end of the Anxiety, Austin began being the center of technology. Numerous Austin … Read More

I was way down on my luck around Austin, Texas in 1973. When I say way down, I suggest down to absolutely nothing. I had a buddy with me and all we had was my old 1954 Ford Choose Up, a guitar, a little P.A. system, and my pet dog. We were camped at the Lower Colorado River Authority park at the dam at Lake Travis. You can just remain a week or two… Read More

Austin is understood for being a "Keeping it Unusual" city. That vouches for its independent, liberal atmosphere. Whether you're checking out for a day or an extended amount of time, these are the leading 10 off-the-beaten course spots that will give you a feel for the real Austin way of living.In addition music greats such as Willie Nelson and Jan… Read More

Today, Tuesday, November 3rd is National Housewives Day. So pleased Housewives Day to myself and all my fellow homemakers and stay-at-home moms! To commemorate, the majority of us will be doing laundry, cooking, cleansing, and hauling our kids around from school to dance to soccer to karate.One oft-repeated legend asserts that the mountain was as s… Read More